Partnership for performance through CAF

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Only 47 out of over 10,000 Romanian public institutions are CAF users. With this in mind, in December 2010 the Sibiu Prefecture promoted CAF in 50 institutions from Sibiu County, at a meeting of the Prefectural College. After this meeting, nine public key institutions in Sibiu wanted to use CAF: Public Finance, the Labour Inspectorate, the Regional Agency for Environment, the Water Management System, the Office for Rural Development, the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, the Department for Culture and Heritage, the Employment Agency and the Department for Youth and Sports. This resulted in a partnership between them and the Sibiu Prefecture, as CAF coordinator.

Sibu County estimated the number of days necessary for the implementation of CAF at an average of seven days per institution. Considering the fact that there was only one person within the Sibiu Prefecture with experience in coordinating the CAF instrument, 70 days would have been needed to implement CAF in ten institutions. As this was not the optimal solution, alternative solutions were needed, namely the design of a CAF eTool with the help of ‘Google Docs’. Both the implementation and use of the tool was free. In parallel with this electronic eTool, the team created a website on which CAF assessors could find relevant information.

The institutions designated a total of 77 internal evaluators who participated in a one-day CAF training. The idea of this eTool arose from the question: ‘What is CAF?’ CAF is a questionnaire with nine criteria and 28 sub-criteria. Therefore, 28 electronic forms were posted in the templates’ public gallery of Google Docs. Each participating institution opened a Google account as This account centralised all the correspondence related to CAF, so that each evaluator received 28 emails containing a link to a form with the sub-criteria which had to be completed.

The completed form along with favourable or unfavourable comments, observations and suggestions for improvement were then automatically saved in an Excel document, with a compilation of responses from all respondents. A very important element was ensuring anonymity. The automatic compilation shortens the time of CAF implementation, the consensus meetings can be arranged immediately and simultaneously in the ten institutions. With the help of this electronic tool, they managed to introduce the total quality management principles in ten key institutions in Sibiu County in ten days. Technically, with this new approach, any public institution in Romania has free and fast access to the CAF in 5 simple steps.

This electronic tool does not change the procedure for using the CAF, it only facilitates the use of CAF. Out of 47 CAF users in Romania, 18 are prefectures who can assume the role of CAF coordinators in each county. By scaling this project up to national level, the number of CAF users can increase to 1000 in six months. ‘Partnership for performance through CAF’ increased the number of CAF users in Romania by 21% in just ten days.

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Award category: opening up the public sector
Award type: submission
Award year: 2011
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Sector: Public administration, modernisation, institutional affairs, reform
Type of activity:
Keywords: Common Assessment Framework (CAF), modernisation, performance, partnership
Short English description: This account centralised all the correspondence related to CAF, so that each evaluator received 28 emails containing a link to a form with the sub-criteria which had to be completed.
Further information
Organisation: Prefecture of Sibiu County
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Level of government: local level
Size of organisation: 50-100
Number of people involved: >15
Country: Romania
EU membership: EU member
Language code: en
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