Improving performance of civil servants

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Like most public institutions in Romania, the management of the Institution of Prefect-Bihor County grants financial rewards in the form of monthly/quarterly prizes and salary merit for its employees. Following the analysis of CAF (Common Assessment Framework) initiated by our institution under the guidance of the National Institute of Administration, it occurred that there was a problem of unfair distribution of pay rewards and merit relating to the volume of work and its importance. There were no criteria, and rewards were allocated on a subjective basis. This practice affected the institutional culture and generated a feeling of frustration within the institution.

The situation described led to the deployment of a project, called ‘improving performance of civil servants’. The goal was to have a regulation by which a fair distribution and objective funding awards could be obtained, based on unanimously accepted criteria for stimulating professional performance. The main objective of the project was mentioned in the Multi-annual Plan for Modernisation of Bihor County, Prefect Institution: Better Management of Human Resources. The specific objective was: performance evaluation and award of merit salary, to be awarded on the basis of criteria widely recognised by the employees.

Starting with identifying the problem, the next step was to consult the staff on the criteria for granting merit salary awards and to apply a set of questionnaires and interpreting results. These criteria were presented to the top management and directors in order to be implemented. As a result, the following six criteria of different weights were established to assess each employee: participate in additional activities (activities not included in job descriptions); the effectiveness and efficiency of achieving tasks; number and importance of personal initiatives for improving public services; complexity of the work produced in that month; personal availability to work and additional tasks; assuming of responsibility. Every month, each employee shall complete a simple report, with pre-set criteria and explanations for each. These reports are centralised in departments by their leader, who completes - depending on the individual scores and own analysis - a simple calculation form (Excel format) which is converted into amounts. The amount allocated as a prize fund to that department shall be divided between those employees depending on the individual score. Subsequently, the Prefect can approve or modify (depending on its own analysis) the final individual awards. In determining annual merit salary, it will take into account the individual scores for the entire institution. The main activities were: entering the objective on institution’s Strategy; establish, implement and interpret the results of questionnaires of employees; identify common criteria; develop rules for granting awards after consultation with stakeholder; design a model of the individual report; and approval of the Regulation through a Prefect order.

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Award category: leadership and change
Award type: submission
Award year: 2009
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Sector: Public administration, modernisation, institutional affairs, reform
Type of activity: human resource management
Keywords: CAF, civil servants, performance evaluation
Short English description: The main objective of the project was mentioned in the Multi-annual Plan for Modernisation of Bihor County, Prefect Institution: Better Management of Human Resources
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Organisation: Institution of Prefect Bihor County
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Level of government: local level
Size of organisation: 50-100
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Country: Romania
EU membership: EU member
Language code: en
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