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‘Digitale Regio Kortrijk’ is a shared platform for transactions and information in municipal websites. The 12 municipalities in the region of Kortrijk use the same platform to publish information online. All partners share costs, infrastructure, content and experience. The intermunicipal organisation Leiedal coordinates the project and strives for continuous innovation.

The collaboration has existed since 1995, during the early days of the internet. In 2009, Drupal was used to create a new platform. The approach when building these websites makes the project unique:

  • The websites are built for citizens, not governments.
  • Size doesn’t matter: small and large municipalities share the same structure since citizens have the same questions.
  • Usability takes precedence since municipalities have a large target group, a range of services and lots of information.
  • Google is the municipalities’ homepage. Over 75% of visitors use Google to find information about their municipality. Building the websites to be accessible for search engines is therefore essential.
  • Re-use what already exists: re-use existing information, databases, government platforms and other applications to build the websites’ content.
  • Collaboration with municipalities, technical partners and the enduser.

The collaboration between the 12 municipalities not only helps these partners to save on costs. The main advantage of the collaboration lies in the collaboration itself. The group joins every month, uses a mailing list and an online platform to help direct the project and support in developing new applications. Content is being shared between the different websites and content is shared with different partners such as the Flemish government (UiTdatabank, Flemish product catalogue), back-office suppliers and the province of West-Flanders. Some of their data has been made accessible on

Since the launch of the new websites in 2009 the number of citizens using the websites raised dramatically. In comparison to the year 2008 the number of unique visitors in 2010 was 80% higher. The website of Kortrijk received 1.1 million visits and had almost 4 million page views in 2010.

Award info
Award category: opening up the public sector
Award type: submission
Award year: 2011
Project type
Sector: other
Type of activity:
Keywords: Websites, communication, collaboration
Short English description: ‘Digitale Regio Kortrijk’ is a shared platform for transactions and information in municipal websites.
Further information
Organisation: Leiedal
Other applicants:
Level of government: local level
Size of organisation: 50-100
Number of people involved: 1-5
Country: Belgium
EU membership: EU member
Language code: en
Start date:
End date:

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