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‘CHAMPS2’ (Change Management for the Public Sector – CHAMPS) is a systemic and systematic eight-phase approach to transformational change, from setting the vision to realising the outcome. Each phase consists of a number of stages, each one containing a number of activities. In total, the methodology comprises over 500 activities, each with supporting information including examples, templates and ‘how to’ guides.

Business transformation involves fundamentally redesigning services, either by changing the basic business model (doing different things) or by making major changes to the way services are delivered (doing things differently). Workstreams have been created across Birmingham City Council’s directorates to drive this work forward. Three are servicespecific: Adults and Communities; Children, Young People and Families; and Housing. Five are cross-cutting: Efficiency (Corporate Services); People Management; Working for the Future (Property); Customer First; and Information Management.

Both in its scope and scale, the council’s business transformation programme is the largest of its kind in the UK, dwarfing any comparable transformation programmes across the local government landscape. By way of illustration, the programme is expected to yield £1.7 billion (€2 billion) of gross savings between 2006 and 2016.

The Birmingham City Council is at the five year mid-point of the 10-year strategy. So far, £244 million (€279 million) has been banked, with £94 million (€108 million) of recurring savings secured for each year going forward, which means the £712 million (€815 million) of the £1 billion (€1.1 billion) net that was set out to save has already been secured; furthermore, they are on course to realise the full amount by 2016. However their business transformation programme has not only been about financial efficiencies. Making a step change in the performance and management of public services has been equally important. Here, too, the improvements have been impressive.

Innovation has been at the core of the council’s transformation journey; utilising cutting edge ICT solutions and approaches in each of the workstreams. Their approach has been holistic, addressing people, process and technology issues; with employees and customers contributing their innovative ideas. They have not simply improved services; they have redesigned them to make them fit for purpose in the 21st century.

Birmingham’s transformation journey was ambitiously conceived and rigorously implemented. It has resulted in the council becoming a leaner, more efficient and cost-effective and increasingly customer-focused organisation. The aim now is to make Birmingham’s example and their ‘CHAMPS2’ methodology the ‘gold standard’ for delivering public sector transformational change, here in Europe and across the world.

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Sector: Public administration, modernisation, institutional affairs, reform
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Keywords: Business transformation, ICT, local government service delivery
Short English description: The aim now is to make Birmingham’s example and their ‘CHAMPS2’ methodology the ‘gold standard’ for delivering public sector transformational change, here in Europe and across the world.
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